Our product is a highly intelligent, modular and robust family of products. With its advanced architecture and communication capabilities it can be easily deployed from single-door to enterprise class installations with thousands of access control and input/output points.

BOSTEX Product Range;

  • Single Door Controller
  • 2/4 Door Controller
  • Single Door Network Controller
  • 2/4 Door Network Controller
  • 8 Door Network Controller
  • Fingerprint Controller
  • Network Payment Terminal
  • Video Network Controller
  • Lift Controller
  • Keypad Reader
  • Standard Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Time Clock Controller
  • Fingerprint Time Clock Controller
  • Network Time Clock Controller
  • Network Fingerprint Time Clock Controller
  • Video Network Time Clock Controller
  • Portable Time Clock Controller
  • Portable Fingerprint Time Clock Controller
  • Car Park Controller


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