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Multiple Door Controller

Model: BS610P-2


  • Standalone Operation or direct connection to PC via TCP/IP.
  • Store up to 100,000 cards and 100,000 off-line transactions.
  • Supports “Toggle Mode”.
  • Supports Local and Global Anti-passback.
  • Supports Door Interlocking.
  • Programmable Card ID, User Group, Time Zone PIN Access.
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent the system from locking up and provides auto recovery.
  • Supports non-volatile Flash Memory.
  • Recoverable up to the latest 100,000 transaction if back end system failure.
  • Firmware Online Update via TCP/IP.
  • Supports Bostex or 3rd party external wiegand reader.
  • Built-in Sedona Framework™.
  • CE Certified.