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Technical Specification, and Model Selection.


Model: BSPOS


  • Using 32 bit ARM CPU, operate on embedded LINUX OS, speed up to 200MHz.
  • Direct connection to PC via TCP/IP. Connection via TCP/IP converter is not required. Transmission speed up to 100 Mbps.
  • Support various payment method (Variable Amount, Fixed Amount, By Record).
  • Support 32 payment groups. Each group able to configure restriction on number of meal per interval/day/month, meal value per interval/day/month.
  • Able to set daily and monthly auto reset time.
  • Able to set whether to present card before or after entry of payment value.
  • Support 99 types of payment item with description and value display.
  • Display Card Holder’s Name, User ID and payment information.
  • Display total payment registered and amount collected as well as reset function with password control.
  • Support same card delay operation to prevent accidental double deduction problem.
  • Each canteen just need to install a server (BS610-4PS) and each server can support up to 32 network payment terminals via TCP/IP.
  • System can support up to 32 server, which mean a maximum of 1024 payment terminal can be connected.